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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Autumn In the Arctic

Hey folks
I am now safely ensconsed in the north of Norway. Had a busy couple of days; yesterday was full of travelling, today was setting up equipment. This is the closest to summer I have ever been up here. Previous trips have been in the November/December and February time slots. Thus it has been very a very pleasant experience seeing more daylight and much less snow.

This morning it was glorious and I got up with the joys of spring. Well, actually I didn't since overnight a cold developed and I felt like shit having slept little. However, besides feeling like death warmed up I could really appreciate how nice it was. Deep blue skies no clouds and a pleasant low teens temperature (celcius).

Of course it could not last.

Just a couple of hours later the clouds had started rolling in and I was yet again reminded of how changeable the weather is out here. This is a real nightmare when you are trying to schedule radar time based on supporting optical measurements. The clouds kind of get in the way.

Oh well, having spent a good portion of the late evening trying to get a stupid camera to focus properly I am off to bed. G'night.

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