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Monday, September 12, 2005

Autumn is Here

I drive my wife to the train station in the morning since she ahs a two hour commute to work. That means that I invariably drive into work rather than walking the 15-10 minutes it would take from home. This morning I drove up the main campus drive, which is incredibly picturesque (in contrast to most of campus which looks like someone dug a hole in the top of a hill and poured in concrete). It was stunningly lovely, there had been frost last night and the sun was playing through the trees and mist to create quite an effect. My appreciation was only dampened by the sudden realisation that as quickly as it had come Summer was soon to depart.
Admittedly, temperatures are supposed to stay warm this week, somewhere in the mid twenties celcius, but still. Summer is never long enough, and we all know what Autumn brings. Yes, that's right, students.


hubris said...

What is this Celsius of which you speak? Is it some form of measurement?

Kav said...

heh :-)

hrun said...

I thought the same thing about Boston when I was walking my dog in the evenings. But it appears that I was wrong since we hit 33 celcius today. :)