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Thursday, September 01, 2005


I'll probably blog about the boring details of my moving house sometime soon but in the meantime I have excellent news!

I am getting Broadband again!!!

Soon I will be able to work from home if the mood takes me and more importantly I can blog from home in the evenings, which was my preferred time. Especially since I always seem to have lots to do at work at the moment and if I ever want to publish any more papers I'd better get on and do some real science whilst at work!

I almost forgot the most important things! Soon I will be able to play Halo on line again. If anyone plays on the PC keep an eye out for Kav3 since that would be me. I tend to play on the EU-Bungie servers or else the main Bungie servers.


Been getting comment spam for the first time. originally got two on here and then a further 5 on the above post. I've just been deleting them but if anyone is interested in knowing about Maine TV companies and various diseases then I will gladly leave them in...

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