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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Comment Spam

As I noted further down I started getting comment spam today. Generally it is pretty obvious and formulaic; however the following was a bit more inventive and sick:

Anonymous said...

Hurricane Katrina benefit concert tomorrow night
NBC has acted quickly and will put on a benefit concert to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Don Jr

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9/01/2005 4:57 PM

This was on the preceding post and I need not tell you that the link has nothing to do with Katrina benefit concerts.
Opportunistic bastards.


Anonymous said...

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Kav said...

is this irony or what?

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David said...

You do realise, don't you, that by linking to the spammer's site in the text of your post, you're doing precisely what his spam comment intended, i.e. showing Google that links exist to his site from other sites?

Kav said...

Strangely, I thought that I had removed the link. When I previewed it in blogger it was gone but now it is back. Very odd!

David said...

These spammers are cleverer than we think!

Kav said...

No I think i am dumber than we/I think ;-)