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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


My wife and I recently moved from our house in the midlands to the north of England where we both work. It was an emotional move for both of us as well as for our housemate, David of Fuddland. One of our last nights there we had a barbecue with a couple of friends. At the end of the night it was a perfect opportunity to burn papers that should not be binned and David did this with gusto. However, the urge to burn kept growing and so garden refuse also got burned. This led to the rather nifty photo showing David with a handful of fire.

Disclaimer: No mathematicians were injured in the making of this photograph


David said...

Me man, me make fire.

But credit where it's due, I had help from my lovely assistant Sarah and her fire-poking tools. ;)

Kav said...

Yes, I edited Sarah out of the picture. I thought it best as I am not sure that she actually acknowledges that she knows either of us ;-)