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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


OK so it's not as big as an Instanlanche but I'll take what I can get and be very grateful.

My little quasi-break from blogging led to a major decrease in my readership, which had been slowly growing. Only the diehard regulars remained (thanks). Of course I don't really do this just for the glory of being read, but it's always nice to think that you have a chance to influence the way that people think and act.

Anyway, thanks to Ilyka for the 25 people (at least) who checked out her weblog and subsequently came and had a look at mine :-)

p.s. I also passed my 2000 mark. I was hoping that it would happen sooner but the hiatus foiled that. The picture to the side is a startling example of what happens to your readership when you go away...

I'll have to see whether I can make a nice repeating fin pattern over the next couple of years.

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