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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Just heard Imagine, by John Lennon, on the radio. It was chosen by Jem as one of her 'tracks of your years' on the Ken Bruce show on Radio 2. She said she thinks it was the 'best song ever written' and that 'anyone who hears it will suddenly stop', it has 'something magical' in it.

Two words:

Over. Rated.

It is quite frankly shite. The only reason that it has achieved cult status is the bleary, rose tinted memory of how wonderful John Lennon was. My opinion? Over-rated. He wasn't that fantastic a song writer. The Beatles? Over-rated. Yes they bashed out some great pop tunes but with the benefit of hindsight they were nowhere near as great as people make them out to be (Oasis, take notes!). In fact coming from parents who were both born and bred in Liverpool I can confidently state that one reason Liverpool and its inhabitant has lingered so long in the past is due to the 'home of the Beatles' tag. It has held them back instead of allowing them to move forward and celebrate anything else about their city. Basically what this post comes down to is a rant against those fools who scream that Imagine is a masterwork of the greatest proportions. It isn't, trust me. If you like it, fine, it's a free(ish) country, but stop trying to tell me how bloody marvelous it is, because in fact it is a great ,steaming pile of ancient turd, defecated by a drug-addled, narcissist.

UPDATE: the Blogger spell check wants to replace 'Lennon' with 'lemon'. you have to love Blogger sometimes :-)


David said...

I watched a bit of High Fidelity last night, in which Rob yells with exasperation at Barry's railing about a particular version of a song, "How can it be bullshit to state a preference?" I assume you have an answer to that? ;)

Putting your views across as opinion rather than as fact would make me respect them a lot more; I know it's always implied that what we write is generally nothing more than opinion, but it's pretty boring to rant on and on without much of justification beyond "I can't stand it or the people who like it". People like this song, you don't -- so what? It does not make them wrong, and you know this, so your post was just an excuse to crap on a man and a band who brought a lot of joy to a lot of people? Way to spread the love, man.

In your opinion The Beatles were overrated (one word :P) -- but do you at all acknowledge the influence they have had over the last forty years of pop, rock and other genres? If you deny it, why so? Has that favourite of yours, Mark Knopfler, never once cited them as an influence? Oh yes he has ("Huge!"). It's quite hard to not recognise the innovation and creativity that eminated from that period of time when it pervades so much of what you might consider to be poor quality AOR today, but to deny it absolutely and resort to throwaway generalisations such as "drug-addled" is rather narrow-minded and, ultimately, nonsense.

Imagine has been played to death and robbed of the spirit in which it was composed, that much I agree with. But if you want to ignore its continuing influence and the sentiment behind it, how ever sickly you consider it to be, without a glimmer of appreciation for what Lennon was getting off his arse and attempting to achieve, then at least accept that other people are allowed to utterly disagree with you without resorting to insults.

So ner.

Kav said...

quite right :-)

Kav said...

I do try to keep things balanced on the weblog and to play up the fact that what I write is mostly opinion.

This was written somewhat more provocatively as a personal indulgence and exercise in writing something that took an assailable yet hostile postion. The target was chosen since it jumped out at me whilst listening to the radio.

The Beatles/Lennon thing has seemed to follow me around for many, many years and is indeed a large source of frustration as for much of their stuff I don't get the hype. However that is not to say that my word is final; I have a healthy respect for other opinons, even when they are plain wrong ;-). I can even accept people liking REM and questioning my tastes in Dire Straits and Genesis.

In fact I note that even in attempting to write a mean, partisan attack I actually failed to go all the way. I see that at least twice pertaining to two different points I stated that it was my opinion.

hrun said...

Kav, while I think the Beatles (as well as Genesis and Dire Straits) are great, you are certainly not alone with your distate of the Mop Tops. In fact, one of their songs was voted to be the worst song ever.

Kav said...

ha, that is surprising. Surely Des O'Connor and dic-a-dum-dum was worse???

See my post above to get a better perspective on this rant. Oops I note that it isn't at the top of the page where it should be. I will have to fix that!

I am not a huge Beatles fan but I do not dislike them as much as I have made out here.

Ade said...

So, you're saying that your arrogant and hostile stance on this matter was purely for the purposes of a social experiment? What's your excuse the rest of the time then? ;)

Btw, a couple of your links in this post are duff.

Kav said...

thanks for letting me know.

my excuse for the rest of the time is that I'm an arse. I thought that you knew this? ;-)