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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Let the Juices Flow

Blogging can be quite hard work.

On some days you are overflowing with ideas and arguments that you want to set down and it becomes ridiculously easy to put up several seperate posts. The words seem to flow from your fingertips.

Then, on other days nothing will come. You cannot assemble a single coherent thought that could be translated into a vaguely interesting topic for a post. So then you end up with days of inactivity.

Of course there are many shades of grey between these two extremes; for example being busy at work or at home with more important matters can put a serious crimp in your weblog activity. Alternatively you could have any number of ideas and absoloutely no enthusiasm for writing them. The lack of drive could be attributed to many things such as failure to form the exact argument that you want or simple frustration with the way in which the perfect words mysteriously metamorphosise into complete rubbish on the screen.

At the moment I am in a place where I find it difficult to post. I have several ideas, some of which will disappear if not posted soon due to their links to current affairs. In fact, at least two of them are already creeping past their sell by date and are starting to stink the place out. I also have an essay that I have been writing on and off for a few months. At first I enjoyed writing it, but now I wonder whether I have overdone it? Is it a bit overblown considering it will appear on a weblog where at most 40 people might read it, and half of them won't care. It is often a difficult call to make, I think.

I came to a realisation a few weeks back that many of you probably knew very well already - sometimes if you think too long and hard on a subject it becomes less and less attractve to blog about. Let's face it this is a medium that is very much suited to near-instant reaction and comment, and perhaps less so to long introspection, though of course, it has its place. Similarly sometimes simply posting in a rush due to taking exception or being inspired by another's comments can be a mistake if you fail to think it through. There is obviously a sweet spot for posting to a weblog but I'll be buggered if I can find it!

Hey-ho, hopefully the creative surge will swell around me soon and carry me out to the deep waters of prose and persiflage.

Bloody hell, that was a painful metaphor!

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