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Tuesday, September 13, 2005



not only have a l lowered the standard on this weblog, but following Ilyka Damen's criteria (re: Greg Gutfield) I have lowered the bar by advertising my birthday.

Fantastic! :-D


hubris said...

Jesus, Blogger really does suck donkeys on comment spam, doesn't it?

Cooome to Typepad, dude. Just $4.95 month for basic service, and you snort ten times that much up your nose during one "bathroom break."

Kav said...

yes, they circle like vultures!

But come on, your comment was like personalised comment spam for Typepad! :-)

I have considered moving to something else but for the time being Blogger suits my needs, i.e. it is free!

if I start paying I'll have to consult my wife, though I don't think she will mind too much.

Anyone else got suggestions of where I should host thsi weblog?

hubris said...

But come on, your comment was like personalised comment spam for Typepad!

Glad you caught that. It was intentional, but I really do like the Typepad service.

David said...

If you want total control, buy your own domain and use something like Movable Type (what I use) or Wordpress (popular, but I've never got along with it myself). I use Hostony for hosting, they're pretty cheap and have a good level of support.

If you want stronger protection from spam and more control over hosting photos etc., but don't want to be bothered with the technical side of things, then, yes, TypePad is a very good way to go (since it's essentially Movable Type).

I would provide links to all of those services but I'm sure you're quite capable of googling for them. ;)

David said...

Or upgrade your PlusNet account to a Premier one, which includes a domain name and hosting on top of giving you priority during peak surfing times.