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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Skating on Thin Ice

Being in the not-so-frozen north made this article seem highly relevent. I saw a report in EOS some weeks ago that showed that the winter refreeze of much of the ice is not occurring on the same scale as it used to. There is a noticeable drift towards declining ice shelves.

Climate change is real. For just one moment forget the politics and look at the evidence. I am not talking about human contributions to climate change, I am talking about the actual process. I think that humankind has added to the shift in the Earth's climate, I make no secret of that. Also I understand that many people think that we have not contributed anything to any sort of climate change. I am pretty confident that they are wrong but there are other issues to consider.

All I ask you now is to consider the effect rather than the cause.

No one knows for certain what will happen though things are slowly becoming clearer. I suggest that when you are making those big life decisions, such as where you will move house to, that you stop for a moment and wonder whether rising sea levels could affect your property. Think about how changes in climate might affect others around you and overseas. Start thinking about ways that you could help alleviate some of the problems we might face. It may seem a long way off but a drastic shift in our way of life could happen faster than you think.

I'm just saying.

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