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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stupid Journalists

I just finished watching a news report on ITV. The journalist was reporting on the evacuations in repsonse to hurricane Rita. In summary he made what I can only assume he meant to be a pointed and profound commentary. To paraphrase he said that it was interesting to note that more people died in the evacuation than did in the flood.


I'm pausing now so that you can fully appreciate what a stupid statement this is. Why on Earth can this be considered 'interesting', or even worth considering???? How many could have died if no one had evacuated? I don't know, he doesn't know, no one can know. However, the inclusion of his statement could lead one to think: 'the evacuation caused more death than the hurricane, ergo it would have been better to stay where they were'. But in its own right, it meant nothing, it was an empty statement that added nothing to the report except a sort of knowing ignorance.

At least that is what it said to me.

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Shinobi said...

And now I will take a moment to lament the fact that stupid people breed faster than smart ones.