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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Waste of Time

Weblogging is a huge waste of time.

There, I've said it and I mean it. It truly is a waste of time. As I write this I ought to be doing some work; some research on the solar wind effects on the ionosphere, for example, or perhaps some of the marking that has appeared on my desk! But to be honest I would be taking a break now anyway since I haven't stopped staring at my computer for a couple of hours.

It is still a waste of time. Stop for a moment and think about what else you could be doing in those times that you devote to weblogging, or reading blogs, or arguing semantics over the meaning of the word 'imminent'. You could be spending time reading that book you have been meaning to read for the past few years. You could be writing that novel that you feel waiting inside you. You could be catching up with old friends from school, or making new ones in your neighbourhood. You could be playing with your kids or talking to your partner. You could be enjoying nature, walking in the hills or swimming in the sea. You could be doing a million other things rather than weblogging.

But then you could be doing a million other things than reading a book, or swimming or stamp-collecting, or whatever. Let's face it, for those of us in our privileged positions in western society we spend an awful lot of our time wasting it. It's the great thing about free time, we get to waste it any way we like; it is our time to waste as we see fit, whether that is weblogging or any other hobby that you can think of.

And to anyone who thinks that weblogging is terrible waste of time, you are spot on. But damn it, it is my time and I'll waste it as I choose. Now bugger off and stop wasting my time!


ebird said...

Yeah, reading your blog is a waste, but at least I'm not watching TV. Or playing some fantasy game like Shinobi ;-)

Kav said...

Exactly :-)

Quality time wasting!