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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Weekend Blogging

Well its Sunday and I've nipped into work to grab a few things so that I can sit and ignore them whilst I watch the F1 Grand prix this afternoon. The great thing about my new house is that it is 20 minutes walk from work, therefore easy to get to and from at the weekend or evenings if I so desire.

Got more sorted yesterday and my wife is powering on with organising the chaos of boxes, mostly whilst I am still in bed in the morning. The funny thing is that she is an early riser whereas I am better late in the evenings. I wish that I could become an early bird since I like mornings but I just don't see it happening since it is always a struggle to drag my carcass out of bed. Even if I hit the sack early I end up being wide awake until 1ish or later.

Anyway nothing much to say at the moment...

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