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Friday, September 16, 2005

Wireless woes

Hey folks,

Although the Broadband is up and running I am having problems with my wireless. I use a Netgear router, with a Linksys wireless card in my laptop (showing its age). I set the router up fine as we have done before and I had problems straight away: my laptop could not 'see' the network. I immediately blamed the linksys card since it gave me problems before; however it does detect a network from a few houses down the street so it is clearly working. So I messed around with the settings of the router and eventually took the security off and made it open. Suddenly I could see it. I then reinstated the security (WPA-PSK) and continued to be able to see the network.

Great, thought I. Except the next day, when I logged on, I had to go through the same palaver. When I did get it working again, the connection vanished intermittently over the next hour before disappearing again. Later that day (yesterday), I got it up and running again, once more by changing it to open and then reinstating the security. This time it worked fine for several hours before vanishing once more.

Can anyone explain what is going on? It does not seem to be my linksys card since it worked before with a netgear router on WPA, though not without some problems (breaks in connection), and it sees the WEP secured network down the road. I have to assume that it is the Netgear router, for some reason, failing to broadcast the network properly.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: Fingers crossed but it suddenly seems to be working fine. I have no idea how or why but I am willing to accept it on faith.
As for using a wire, which was helpfully suggested, I shall in due course, when I actually have office space in which i can use my computer connected to the port. Until then it is wireless only.


David said...

Use a wire?

Kav said...

Bah, you luddite!