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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

best news of the day

As a non-American citizen I find the news that the US has dropped its desire to create a 'bunker-buster' nuclear device as incredibly uplifiting. I am sure there are plenty of American citizens out there who feel the same.

Some see more than a touch of hypocrisy in the US demands that Iran abandon a nuclear programme. An argument I have heard is that why should America dictate who can and who cannot have nuclear weapons considering that they have a huge arsenal of them already? My views is that we have plenty in the world already and I don't see the need for any country to develop additional weapons. I can accept that hypocrisy as I am not blind to the realities in the world - nuclear weapons are here to stay and as much as I might like to see them all gone I can readily understand the rationale for the US, the UK, France, etc. to retain those weapons that they have.

However, I ahve always thought that it was somewhat of a 'bridge too far' for America to demand that other countries respect non-proliferation of nuclear weapons whilst stating a desire to develop new, smaller nuclear weapons that some argue could blur the line between nuclear and conventional war making. It is patently absurd.

Therefore I applaud those in congress who have fought this and I applaud the administration for backing down from what could have been the worst mistake they would make.

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