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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cheney Resignation Rumours

Hat tip to NTodd.

Apparently there are some rumours that Cheney might resign. I am not one hundred percent sure that I believe them except that I was actually expecting his resignation/retirement sometime within this 4 year term.


Well, I think we can all be reasonably certain that Cheney has no desires on the top job. I would be very surprised if he ran for preseident on the coat-tails of George W. Bush. My take is that he has no interest in that. However, I think that Condi Rice does have an interest.

Here is what a Bush insider had to say:

"And if that should happen, there will undoubtedly be those who believe the whole thing was orchestrated – another brilliant Machiavellian move by the VP."

Hardly machiavellian. Look at it from the point of view whereby we strip away overtones (or undertones) of malicious intent:
  • The current VP does not want to run for President.
  • At the moment there is no number 1 candidate for the GOP at the next election.
  • One name that has been floated as a potential candidate is Rice.
  • Bush, for all his faults, is loyal to his people and will want to help those he thinks would do well. I would place Condi in this group.
  • A significant step in helping Condi would be elevating her to VP, a role that many in the past would certainly have imagined her as competent in.

Condi would have an increased profile with some experience in governance. Plus any administration would want to see someone in power who they think will continue their legacy and uphold their views. Therefore from that point of view, placing Condi in the VP slot makes perfect sense.

I had originally expected it to occur later than this if at all, simply so that Condi could make up her mind whether she wanted the top-job or not. Additionally, this whole speculation might be jumping the gun significantly, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Wll, I have hopes for either a McCain or Guiliani campaign.

Kav said...

Not that it really matters to me but I do to. It's just that at this early stage I cannot see Bush endorsing either of them over Rice - if she wants to run.

Anonymous said...

Kav - I do not see him resigning, though I would not mind seeing it happen. If he resigned now, I cannot help but believe that all of the Kossacks and O-Dubs of the world would run around screaming and yelling that the resignation is proof of some yet to be proven corruption. I cannot see VP Cheney giving them that opportunity.