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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Get it right this time

When George Galloway last appeared before the US senate he ran rings around them. He made them look like unprepared idiots spouting unproven (and in some cases debunked) allegations against him.

Now they say that they have evidence that he is
guilty as charged and also lied under oath when questioned by the senate. They had better be right. George is already demanding that they charge him and and take him to court. Basically he wants them to put up or shut up. Is he bluffing? He might be; he might be relying on the fact that he made them look like fools before and he can do so again.

If the senate has the good then I hope they nail him. If they don't have the evidence then I hope they learn from last time and stop making over reaching accusations. It just hands Galloway ammunition and that is the last thing he needs. If they cannot convict him then they should let him sink into anonymity where he is a threat to no one.

On a side issue I was pleased to see that Jane Fonda took my advice. She claims that she was unwell, but other observations would suggest otherwise. :-)

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