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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hi folks, I am still up in Norway and will be for some days yet. I have been busy with my other blog (work stuff) and so have not posted much here for a few days. It feels as if I have been cheating on you and since I'm not splashing out on flowers and chocolates just to have them rightfully thrown back in my face by you all I bring you something better:

The Return of Aurora Blogging

For the past couple of days it has been very grey and wet but a few nights ago it was pretty clear. It had started off cloudy but my colleague and I were surprised to see incredibly bright aurora behind the clouds,really lighting the sky up. Mercifully it then cleared and we saw a great display, though nowhere near as bright as the previous must have been. The photos I shot come nowhere near capturing the magnificance of the slowly dancing and undulating northern lights. Once again, it made me wish for a more powerful camera. However my little Canon S45 did not do too bad on the maximum 15 second exposure. Enjoy!


hubris said...

Awesome pics, Kav. That's pretty amazing.

prairie biker said...

beautiful pics.