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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New Intake

Whilst I was away, term began back at university.

I have arrived back to falling leaves and a fresh, new intake of students. Eager minds desperate to learn and understand. Young minds, filled with potential and excitement. Inquiring minds, looking for new life experiences and a foothold on the path to their future. For many this is their first time away from home for such an extended period; they may struggle to make ends meet and to find their independence. Others will blaze a trail, never more setting foot in the family home as anything but a guest.

All around me there are bright eyes and uncertain smiles, mingled with the more confident gaits of their returning contempories. Those for whom their first year now seems lost in the haze of the distant past stride around their campus, just as their forebears have done for decades. Already one can see the young pushing to become the old; the immature to become the mature; the ignorant to become enlightened

Overall, I can't help but think: they really make the place look untidy.

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