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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pompous Arse of the Night Award Goes to...

Professor Reynolds, our scholarly but loveable web-watcher.

The award is for this post on the attempts of the EU and UN to remove ultimate control of the internet from US hands. My personal view is that if it isn't broke, do not fix it. Reynolds and readers are seeing a terrible future ahead, I'm not so sure; but again why bother changing something that clearly works. I think the fear is that the other countries will impose their political wills on the internet and so stifle free speech or set monitoring standards. One argument seems to be that any UN oversight council won't be able to deal with human rights issues (i.e. silencing online voices); I wasn't aware that the US was actively pursuing this with any success. I could be very wrong. I am somewhat sympathetic to those other countries concerns, after all the web is a powerful thing. Plus not being American means that I may have a different viewpoint when it comes to watching the players on the world stage. Additionally chances are that you are using protocols in your web browsing that were invented and designed by a Brit working at CERN in Europe. The internet may be American, but the world-wide-web was born and raised in Europe (in fact the internet was based on work done by Louis Pouzin in France - Freedom Internet anyone?).

Anyway, Glenn wins the award for this self-righteous and pompous line:

Indeed. The U.N. and E.U.'s moral high ground is usually spurious, in my experience.

And the USA is always standing atop mount virtue? Anyway, all heil to that international crime buster, jet setter and all round superhero and righter of wrongs Professor Reynolds. Congratulations.

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