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Monday, October 31, 2005


Nothing much to blog about today, its been a quiet one really.

On the politics front, I note that David Blunkett is in trouble again. Jolly good.
He is selling the shares he has in the DNA testing company he became a director of in the brief few weeks that he was out of the cabinet. No. 10 is backing him all the way; before they know whether he was in breach of teh rules, of course.

Does anyone else find it funny that it was a DNA testing company? Surely he has a major vested interest? If anyone would know when there was going to be an upsurge in DNA testing it would be him?

I see that in America President George Bush has picked a new candidate for the Supreme Court. How quick was that? Anyway, by all accounts this one is a good choice guaranteed to keep everybody happy...

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