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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tales of the quasi-bizarre

from the BBC

A man accused of raping a student in Midlothian has lodged a special defence of alibi and has told the court he has an identical twin brother.

This is quite bizarre. Basically this guy is alleging that the rape was committed by his twin brother. As far as I am aware this does rule out the DNA evidence as a clincher. The police will really have to find air-tight witnesses that can place him without a doubt and other forensic evidence. Of course, assuming that he is telling the truth, his brother isn't going to be best pleased with him. Unless it is a cunning trick to push for reasonable doubt.


ntodd said...

That sounds like something out of CSI. No, really, there was an episode similar to that, though it involved chimerism.

Kav said...

That is fascinating. I saw a CSI miami where a guy who had had a blood transfusion almost escaped via mismatched dna testing.