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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blogroll update

Time to update the Blogroll.

So, who is in and who is out?

Who is hip and who is old hat?

Well, basically, continuing my theme of being a sycophantic Hubris fan-boy, I have added INDC Journal to my blogroll since Hubris is now posting there.

Sadly, I have decided to remove Ilyka Damen and A Small Victory. Both sites have shut up shop; Michelle has moved onto pastures new and varied as you will see from her old page and Ilyka Damen is possibly somewhere out there, posing as a man writing a blog. Personally I hope she comes back soon as I can't be arsed whether a blogger is a man or woman, I just want to read the blog.

There is another blog on the list that has become largely moribund and is under close watch. No activity in the near future and the plug is pulled - you know who you are!

Now, a questions to my readers (in the hopes I might get some comments):

What blogs that I do not blogroll should I be reading and why?

If you offer suggestions I will gladly respond to each and everyone.


ebird said...

This guy has started posting again and he is pretty funny. Political satire similar to Hubris and Bill I think. A bit to the right. I found him from Hubris' site. (I read those guys to balance you and Shinobi) Other than that we read a lot of the same blogs. Maybe I'll check out some of yours that I haven't looked at in a while like Instapundit.

Kav said...

Thanks ebird. I shall read through some posts tonight and hopefully have a review of the blog up sometime very soon with a decision on whether to add to the blogroll.

Remember folks - you can shape this blog :-)

Anonymous said...

proteinwisdom should be added to your list of sites to peruse at regular intervals.