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Friday, November 11, 2005


I used to love to sketch. When I was a kid I was always happy when I had a pencil in my hand and I was scribbling away drawing the crzy pictures in my head. I remember one that consisted of the various Mr. Men working in a submarine. I digress.

I carried my love of drawing on through school and even learned how to paint a bit, though I was never as good with a paintbrush as I could be with pencil, charcoal or pen. I was actually very good (no false modesty here). I worked in graphic design offices for work experiences and took A-Level art with the complete intention of going on to do art at college. Why didn't I? I visited a couple of art colleges and had a look at what was on display.

I turned my back on it then and I have to admit that since the end of my A-levels I have done very little in the way of drawing. A bit, here and there, during my university days but often it got pushed to the back of priorities.

Now I work very hard. When I am not working I am blogging (not much I know), writing or playing Halo. Oh yes and spending quality time with my wife ;-)

Ihe other day, on a whim, I picked up an A5 sketch pad and a box of black pens. I started to draw again. I drew a vase of flowers from the couch and some rough sketches of my wife who was asleep next to me. I enjoyed doing it immensely. I hope that this will give me the impetus to keep going and to do some more.

Everybody needs a hobby.

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David said...

It seems we followed a similar almost-career-path, both opting in the end to study sciences [albeit yours being a much less pure science than my own chosen speciality :P], and I too often think about starting up the sketching again as a hobby. [I particularly used to enjoy going to life-drawing classes of an evening.]

Right now, photography seems to be satisfying my creative needs, but perhaps one day I'll do as you did and just pick up a pad and pencil again.

Keep it up! :)