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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Still busy

I'm really making a hash of keeping this thing up to date!

Lots to talk about, such as the future of British nuclear power and protests which fail to get the point of free speech.

How a government had been brought down, partly by blogger activity, in the strange position where the scandal of corruption had nothing to do with the sitting Prime Minister.

And Vatican statements about gay priests: strange language choices and the weird notions of detractors of Catholocism.

So who knows maybe I'll be able to bang some posts out very soon...


ntodd said...

You know, if you just cancelled classes, you'd have more time to blog.

Kav said...

Sadly, the truth is that I am no-longer teaching. I am actually doing proper research-type work, which is pretty enjopyable but also needs to get done fast.

I need to revamp the blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Kav - your blog gives me the ability to casually refer to my friend in the UK in conversation, making me out to be far more wordly and interesting that I would otherwise appear. However, the relative dearth of information and perspective coming out of your computer is killing me.

At least do something like hubris, and start posting pix of scorching hot celebs with witty banter below.