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Friday, November 11, 2005


I was going to post on the 'Tony Blair loses vote' fiasco, but you know what? It's Friday, I have friends coming over tonight and more coming tomorrow and it promises to be a cracking weekend. So on that bombshell I leave you with these thoughts:

  • I hate Blair, but even I don't think that losing a parliamentary vote is reason to resign. In fact I think it should be more common place as all whips should be withdrawn. That would be representation!
  • Blair should grow up and apologise for the hideous and offensive rhetoric he peddled before the vote. It smacked of the whole 'If you are not with us you are with them' argument. Try treating the British public with some respect, arse-wipe, most of us may be morons but we put you in power.
  • The contenders for the leadership of the conservative party are in danger of seeming like decent human beings!
  • This is a good thing. I think. Well, as good as it gets when messing with the tax code further. There will be more on this next week...

Today was the day to remember. Seems we still do.

See you next week.

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