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Friday, December 09, 2005

Can you f**king believe it

Just a couple of days ago I said this:

The blog needs a bit of an overhaul since some of the blurb no longer fits; I am no longer being forced to teach, the course that I was going to be contributing to has been cancelled. As a consequence I am back to full-time research, and the timing could not have been better.

What do they say about being careful before opening your big mouth? Suddenly, due to the desires of one bloody student, the course has had to be reinstated for this year. What does this mean? It means that a module has to be written and then I may well have to teach some material.

Just when I thought I had been saved for the rest of the academic year!!!!



Anonymous said...

There is a reason for those old adages and cliche's ... they tend to be fairly accurate.

I suggest, if forced back into the classroom, you make your course seem like a vacation to hell, focusing especially on that wanker that set the ball in motion.


David said...

Ah, good news, I guess this means they've accepted my application. See you on the first day of term, Sir. ;)

Averroes said...

Does this mean that you aren't going to tell me yur fantasies about Rice?

Actually, kav, i envy you. I love teaching! I'm good at it. I've taught everything from special ed to college courses.

Buit, you know, i now live in a society bounbd by credentialism, where it doesn't matter what you can and can't do, just what you have credentials for.

I used to tell my bosses at the hospital that, for instance, we could hire Erik Erikson (the developmental psychologist) to work as a line staff in our hospital, but, because he did not have a university degree, we would be forbidden to hire him to teach us about his own ideas! In fact, he could not even stand up and read from is own books in that institution.

I feel lucky to have lived in a state, at an earlier time, when "underfills" were allowed, and if you could do the job, it was yours. i won "teacher of the year" one year at an institution, and never had the proper teaching credentials.

But those days are over. I now live in a (American) liberal state, where there is credentially for everything. In fact, one cannot work as a bartender without receiving credentials from a state-sanctioned bartending program.

In fact, the laws state that bar bouncers must attend a course for bouncers and be registered!

Luckily, they haven't thought to require credentials for masturbation yet. But it wouldn't surprise me.

But really, "your brains are your credentials" was a nice way to go. it allowed a maverick like me to wander into and out of different fields and situations doing what i do best, which is to take situations that are out of control and get them straight again.

Kav said...

My Rice fantasies are my own (oh those boots!!!).

As it turns out, I am actually quite a good teacher - at least my students thought so. The problems begin with those students who shouldn't be in the classes - they don't want to really be there, they just wanted to go to university. And the biggest problem of all is the accompanying administration - which seems to increase year after year as universities become less seats of learning and more businesses. I suspect that the business model (as it stands now) of universities is what will kill higher education in the UK and in turn will have a disasterous effect on our ability to compete worldwide in any field that isn't something to do with TV studies.

I'm all for having an expert teach something whether they are credentialled or not. But it is going that way here to.

I see it less as a liberal problem (here) and more as a beaurocratic problem. But it amounts to the same thing and just depends on your definition of liberal.

Kav said...

David, if I thought for a minute it was your fault, you know I would be on my way to deliver a well deserved arse-kicking!

Kav said...

J.D. Here is the kicker. That is the only student on the course. One of my colleagues asked whether I thought she would be able to deal with the wave of hate that would be emanating from him in the lectures.

Averroes said...

Jusxt don't forget the phrase: "Let's not always see the same hands."

Kav said...

hey, is this the post you see at the top of the blog? If so try [shift]refresh. Do you then see new posts?

If not, leave me a comment here. If you have no problems at all, please leave me a comment as well. I am curious whether it is just me...