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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Search roundup

A question for my American readers:

Have you recently been sullied by the arrival of the Crazy Frog on your shores?

I only ask because I have noticed a much increased number of searches for crazy-frog originating from the US which led them to this post. In fact, since the 2nd December 10% of my hits have come through searched for the crazy-frog.

At the same time, 'female circumcism' continues to lead searchers my way to this post (or this one). 7% since 2nd December came looking for imformation on that hideous practice.

Strangely, I continue to get searches leading to this post. These tend to be the result of searching for images on google. I don't know why Java Sparrows are so fascinating, but I note that they are predominantly coming from China and Japan (with one from the US, searching for images related to 'monday morning').

Anyway that is enough filler for now. I am off to bed :-)

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