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Friday, December 16, 2005

So what's wrong with Typepad

Timewarp for Typepad?

I cruised over To Hubris' blog today and was surprised to see that the comments on his latest post had been culled from around 13 to 3. I thought it peculiar that Hub might have deleted so many innoccuous comments but shrugged and carried on my blog perusing.

A short while later I stopped by the Dilbert Blog. Strangely this had reverted to a post from several days ago, December the 10th in fact. Now as much as I liked hearing about Scott Adam's tiny goat, I was looking for new things.

I next decided to do a little investigation. I checked out the Typepad front page and what did I find? I found that none of the blogs in their 'Recently Updated' list were newer than 11 December. In fact the only thing on that website that was newer was the 'News' section which had an update on the 14th. No mention of problems though.

All in all looks like Typepad is having problems. Glad I am on blogger (never thought I'd say that), though I notice that it is having problems of its own. When I look at my blog, I see only the posts from last week or earlier until I do a refresh. Anyone else (who has made it to the new posts) having that problem?

Oh by the way is anyone else having problems accessing Ryan's site, Ideonexus? I can't get through.

Okay so my problem with Blogspot is fixed - whatever the hell it was.
Similarly, I note that Typepad blogs have recovered upto the 12th December. This is interesting - is this effecting just my viewing or is everyone else having this problem?

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