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Saturday, January 07, 2006

And there he goes...

Ha, in his speech he is making the same points I did. None of them had the bollocks to face him in an election. He may not have said it in black and white (which is a shame), but he has sown the seeds. Of course he could not say it without further undermining the successor - I hate politics sometimes!

Now we will see who steps into the breach. Come on Lembit, as one of the few who actually supported Kennedy instead of twisting the knife in his back, now is your time! Lets find out the names on that resignation letter.

He left some good advice for the Lib Dems. Stop panicing over the appearance of the other parties, they will do their thing and don't let it disrupt what happens in your own party like it has been doing recently. The Tories must be loving this, they can point to this as the Liberals running scared by a newly invigorated and, I must say, more appealing conservatve party.

In addition, he has outlined his successes as leader, which were not inconsiderable for the theird party in Parliament.

UPDATE: Hah! Do you know why I like Lembit Opik? It is partly because he actually answers questions. He did so just now when asked would he stand for the election and he said no, but he would next time around. Instead he wants the Party President job in a couple of years.

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