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Monday, January 02, 2006

Beautiful Atrocities

is added to the blogroll.

What is Beautiful Atrocities? I hear you cry. Well, it is a humorous, satirical site which leans right. OK by 'leans right' I really mean that it leans so much that it has toppled over and rolled well over there. So why, I hear you ask, are you, a supposed lefty, bothering to read the website of a guy who is diametrically opposite your own political beliefs?

In answering that I'd first like to say how nice it is to hear you calling out so many questions today. The reasons why I read BA are numerous and manifold. Firstly, I don't believe in just hanging around in places that spout stuff that I like to hear and that I agree with. I like to go to places that challenge me and my views. Secondly, I'm not as left wing as you might think on many issues, in fact I suggest that 'left' and 'right' are often outmoded concepts when applied to many individuals; I smiled when ebird said: "I read those guys to balance you and Shinobi", since I never imagined that I was particularly leftist in my writings. Goes to show what we put out without realising. Anyway this isn't about me it is about Jeff from BA and my reasons for blogrolling him. Well, dammit, the man is funny; not all the time and not in a Hubris stylee but still.

When all is said and done Jeff from BA is just funny. Definitely funnier than that other Jeff, with less of an Eschacon obsession!

Okay, so he doesn't like Jon Stewart and smoking bans which suggests he might be a little short in the brains department, but come on! The guy likes both Lord of the Rings and The Philadelphia Story. How can you not like that???

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