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Monday, January 23, 2006

An Englishman's home is his castle; An American's home is a hotel?

This is just very, very funny.

Activists angered by a US Supreme Court ruling that homes can be demolished for public developments are trying to seize the home of one of the judges involved.
About 60 people rallied in the small New Hampshire town of Weare on Sunday, where Justice David Souter has a house.
The protesters say they have enough signatures from Weare residents to put their proposal to a town vote in March.
They want to seize his house and build a hotel for the 'public benefit'

I seriously doubt that it will get much further, but perhaps it will act as a shake up for judges that sometimes their decisions have consequences beyond the abstract. if they do take the house then I will feel sorry for the judge and his family, but perhaps the point will be made. Of course this rule did not affect me in the UK but I still thought it was wrong.

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