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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Excuse me Mr Blair

... but ID cards are a waste of money in so many ways. They will cost to create and they will cost to administer. The majority in the UK do not care for them and they will be a waste of time anyway, do you really think that terrorists who come into this country will be so underprepared that they could not forge them? And would they need to? Are we going to keep tabs on all foreign nationals 24 hours of the day?

Most importantly Mr Blair, do you recall how in July 2005 the London bombers were UK citizens? under your plan they would have had ID cards and exactly how would your precious cards have helped foil the bombing? Not at all, as Charles Clarke truthfully said. So what use are ID cards? No use; all they are another example of an overprotective nanny state flexing its muscles in an ill thought out measure to try and combat a serious problem - half cocked is a phrase I might use. It puts me in mind of trying to shoot down bombers with nothing but a slingshot: completely ineffective.

Tony Blair said the entire government "absolutely" backed ID cards and fears over civil liberties were "misplaced".

OK, so now you are talking twaddle, sir, and you know it.

As to helping control illegal immigration and identity fraud, I doubt it in the long term even if it does slow things down until the criminals catch up with them. Besides what about on-line identity fraud? Are we going to have to show our ID over the internet? That said I must applaud you on neatly changing rationales part way through the process, very cunning.

Please also remember that you and your benevelent government will not be in power for ever and that this age of enlightenment may dwindle. In that case cards may become a serious problem for civil liberties even if they are not such now. Lets take a moment and remember the happiness in this country when we were able to give up ID cards long after WWII had finished. Now reflect upon that.

As for everyone else, if you are unsure about ID cards then I recommend that you weigh it up and make your own decision. Here are some facts and opinions.

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