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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Fun with words...

Simon Hughes just dropped a beautiful clanger. In paying his respect to Kennedy's resignation he said:
"The end of Charles' leadership is the end a hugely successful period for us as a party."
"he has led us to our best successes as a party ever"
He then got better and put the remaining comments in a temporal context using words such as 'since'. Anyway, priceless. We all know what he meant but that is not what he said. According to the words quoted, Hughes believes that the success is over and the best results ever have already been achieved. Aren't words fun :-)

That said his response to some of the questions that have been thrown at him has elevated him in my eyes and I feel a certain amount of respect for the man. He clearly is not happy with the way some of his colleagues have behaved with respect to Kennedy. From his comments we can assume he was not one of the signatories to the infamous letter.

As an aside, I feel sorry for Matthew Taylor. He is a Lib Dem MP who has agreed to talk to the BBC on News24 and they keep cutting to him and then rapidly away when someone 'more important' becomes available. That includes the BBC political editor, Nick Robinson. Poor guy.

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