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Monday, January 09, 2006

Got a new computer today. It should have arrived on Friday but didn't. The delivery time was between 8am and 6pm - they could not narrow it down any further. Office hours ended at 5:30pm and so I could not call them on Friday to get a direct response (though I tried) as to why no computer was delivered. In fact they made no attempt to contact me on Friday to inform me that the delivery was not going to be made.; I wasted an entire day waiting for a delivery that was not coming.

I called up on Saturday morning and eventually got through to an agent (lots of holding). She informed that the delivery had been scheduled for the day before.

I restrained from profanity and explained that I would like to know why that had not been the case.

She said that it was on hold and would I be available on Monday.

I said I would like to know why it had not been delivered on Friday.

She then got testy and said she would find out by calling the depot but that she had to know whether I could accept delivery on Monday so that she could reorganise it.

I restrained from profanity and said yes. I was put on hold, which thankfully did not last long.
The agent then said that the depot had been waiting for two extra boxes that had not arrived before delivering.

I said, fine, but I had already lost a day at work and would now lose another, could they be more specific with the delivery time.

She said no, but if I called on Monday morning at 9am they would be able to give me an eta.

Things I did not ask: Why was the delivery scheduled if all the pieces were not there?

Anyway, come Monday and 9am swings around. I call the company again, a different agent answers. She expresses surprise as my order was delivered on Friday, I explain the siuation. She next, says that she can see that the delivery is now ready to go and she will email the depot to check an eta. To give an eta now (as promised) would be impossible and so could I call back in 1.5 hours. I say fine. I use a lot of profanity but I have already ended the call. Just as the 1.5 hours is about to pass a Fed-Ex truck arrives (not the courier I was expecting so I guess they must have been subcontracting) and I get my computer. Excellent.

Now then, time for a complaint letter to WelshWestern cc'd to Dell.


Ade said...

Oooh, what did you get?

Kav said...

oops missed this comment, sorry.

It's a Dell Dimension 9150.
Pentium D dual core, 3 GHz.
1 GB of memory.
256MB nVidia Ge Force 6800

And most importantly a thing of beauty!


Carrie said...

Hmm. Well, another Friday, and I am having a repeat of your experience. Interestingly, the website they quote for delivery information does not work, and the only hits out there are your site (which turns out to have been much more helpful!) and what appears to have been their former site, being listed as a URL 'for sale'. Fab. Hopefully mine will be a thing of beauty, too, when it eventually arrives...

Kav said...

Sorry to hear that you had similar problems Carrie. I am writing a complaint letter, unfortunately as you are aware, it is hard to find the address of the company and so I am writing to Dell foremost to inform them of how crap their courier is. I recommend that you do the same.

Kav said...

By the way, thanks for stopping by :-)