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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hamza and the FO

During his trial today Abu Hamza said that he believed that Jews control the media and British Foreign Office:

There are people who are Zionists who live outside (Israel) who are helping Zionists in Israel," he told the court on his fourth day in the witness box.

Asked by David Perry, prosecuting, if he meant that the Foreign Office was controlled by Jews he said: "Yes."

"And the media?" Mr Perry asked.

"Yes," replied Mr Abu Hamza.

Hmmm, interesting thesis. Oh, and by interesting I mean 'nuts'. I am pretty sure that Meryl Yourish and others would dispute his assertions.

As evidence for his assertion, Hamza pointed out that:

"If a doctor kills 250 of his patients there is not a single word about his religion."

He was referring to killer Harold Shipman, he added.

Erm, perhaps that is because his religion had absolutely nothing to do with it, just a thought. He's not really building up his credibility, is he?

I think my favourite quote from the piece is to do with whether Hamza would allow his children to become jihadists.

Would Mr Abu Hamza allow his children to undergo Jihad training, "as you recommend in your recording?" Mr Perry asked.

"If they want, why not? They should go and see first. They are always scouting."

"I am not talking about sausages on camp fires," Mr Perry added.

Classic! LOL. I have visions of little hook-handed scouts sitting round a campfire. Probably not singing kumbyah.

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