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Thursday, January 26, 2006

more blogroll additions

New additions:

Balloon Juice is a voice of calm and reason where left and right can discuss matters American with only a teensy weensy amount of name calling :-)

QandO is on just because I liked to this from elsewhere and then found myself getting sucked in...

Also, I have reactivated the Technorati an Ecosystem links. If they are still slow I'll mess around again.


Shinobi said...

I was wondering how you got to the chat.

You should definetly come back when you have time, I am there most weekdays, esp AM in the states.

Kav said...

Someone linked to one of my posts in the chat and I saw it through site tracker. My interest was piqued and there you go :-)

I will call in from time to time, but I am too easily distracted. Thankfully I tend to forget to turn on my msn messenger or else I deliberately do not turn it on, otherwise I end up chatting to friends, and I have far too much work to do to be doing that!

Shinobi said...

Hehe yeah I linked to your UK ID post, for the benefit of one of the guys that is from the UK as well.

See you when you have less work to do :-)

Kav said...


Less work ha! >hollow laugh<

I have one paper, one paper's corrections and two talks, including all data analysis, to do by a fixed deadline.

Still doesn't feel as if I am making progress with any of them though...