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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The rise of Socialist principles is to blame for the breakdown in the notion of personal responsibility in western civilization:




Shinobi said...

I think personal responsibility is something humans have always had a problem with. We don't even want to take the responsibility for not taking responsibility for things. It's because of socialism...riiiiight. I think it is human nature. Nobody wants to deal with the consequences of their shit because it sucks.

Kav said...

I think you are right in that we have always had problems with the concept. However based on my own observations I see a large rise in the problem here in the UK, particularly among children of my generation. In addition we have the culture of 'sue-everybody' emerging. In addition there seems to be more of a view of government should deal with it. Of course that is one are where liberal and conservative philosophies meet: they wnat the government to supply it, they just don't want to pay taxes to support it :-).

Ofcourse others may see things differently.