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Monday, January 16, 2006

scandals all around

The current scandal involving List 99 and the sex offenders register is one that is likely to run and run. Government opponents are going to make massive bails of hay out of the trouble and, in some ways, rightly so. This is an issue where chances should not be taken, if you are on the sex offenders register then you should go straight onto List 99. You can argue all you like about whether that is fair considering the scale of offences that can lead to a person's name being placed in the sex offenders register, but I would suggest that the issue in that case is to work on how we maintain and compile the register. Then at least we have an absolute at the other end of the process: your name is on the regsiter then your name is on List 99.

Now the government has decided to review records of the past 30 years to ensure that correct decisions have been made. I would support this unreservedly if the cynical voice inside my head were not screaming so loadly that I cannot ignore it. To me this appears to be little more than an attempt to hunt down cases of past government mismanagement, and for that, read conservative. At the moment it is only the Labour minister coming in for the attacks, how much better then if Labour can de-fang the Tory attacks by finding examples of Conservative ministers doing the same thing. I could be wrong, I don't think I am.

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