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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

French Cowards? Non, monsieur.

Well, I guess this scotches the idea that all French are cowards:

Under the headline "We have the right to caricature God," a French newspaper today reprinted the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that have ignited extraordinary anti-Danish protests, death threats and boycotts across the Muslim world.
At a time when the British government is coming close to attempting to limit free speech about religion, it is nice to see others stepping up.
More information and opinion can be gathered from Charles Bremners weblog

The Americans may call them surrender-monkeys, but the French can sometimes teach the world something about pluck -- or maybe foolhardiness. France Soir has just courted big trouble by printing across two pages all 11 of the Danish newspaper cartoons that have caused such a furore in the Muslim world. For good measure, they ran their own cartoon across the front page, featuring not just the Prophet Muhammad but Jesus Christ, Jehovah and Buddah. "Yes, we have the right to caricature God," said the headline.
It makes me wonder, do these people who protest the 'defamation of God' believe that they need to protect Him? Are they suggesting that He is so weak that He is incapable of defending Himself? Lets face it, the Lord may not offer anything in the way of divine retribution in this life, but surely He can make sure that eternity feels like a really long time for people who upset Him.

UPDATE: So not everyone is quite so courageous (or foolhardy or disrespectful, depending upon your viewpoint). I see that the editor of France Soir has been sacked by the owner

Jacques Lefranc was dismissed by the owner of France Soir, as his paper became embroiled in a developing row between Muslims and the European press.

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