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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Em and I have been talking about booking somewhere for dinner for valentine's day for several weeks. At first I was pleased with myself as by thinking about it so far in advance I felt confident that I would be able to get somewhere. Well, as it turns out in my usual crap fashion it turns out that I only got around to booking somewhere least night, less than a week before. With some trepidation I made the call to our favourite Chinese restaurant and as luck would have it they had space, plenty of space in fact, as long as we did not want to eat at 8pm. No problem we could happily do earlier, in fact I am sure that Em would appreciate earlier and so I made the booking.

Now the question is, were we lucky or do we just have really crappy taste in restaurants?

Oh yes, at the same time I finally managed to get through to an exterior house painter since we need our window frames and door frames repainting relatively soon. I had had little luck in getting hold of the guy we wanted in the past week and finally pinned him down yesterday evening. The only problem: he is unavailable to do the work for three months. Hmmm, might try someone else I think...

1 comment:

ebird said...

You might check with the wait staff at the Chinese restaurant to see if they moonlight painting houses.

(that was too easy I think)