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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It is rare that when you hear the news in the morning it leaves you with a smile on your face:

Tony Blair failed to stay in the Commons to vote against a Lords' amendment to water down a series of key clauses, which was then lost by a majority of just one.

In another humiliating blow to Mr Blair’s grip on his 65-seat Commons majority, 21 Labour rebels voted with Opposition MPs while at least 40 more were absent or abstained.

It soon emerged that Mr Blair had returned to Downing Street after being told by Hilary Armstrong, the Chief Whip, that there was no point in staying for the vote after an earlier measure was lost by a majority of ten.

I don't particularly like these new laws having originally tentatively supported the idea of them and am glad that they will not go through as originally drafted. But lets face it the fact that Blair's own vote could have made some difference in the second vote is highly amusing.

I think I'll be smiling all day long... :-D

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