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Monday, February 27, 2006

Saddam Hussein calls off hunger strike

...because he got a bit peckish.

apparently its for health reasons:

Saddam Hussein has ended an 11-day hunger strike for "health reasons", his chief lawyer has said.

Khalil al-Dulaimi said his client had lost 4-5kg (9-11lbs), but that his morale was high.

The former Iraqi president and his co-defendants said they had stopped eating in protest at their treatment by the court where they are being tried.

I'm not buying it. Let's face it the man does not have a particularly good record when it comes to sticking to his word; I mean, whatever happened to the 'fighting to the death' thing? Next thing we know we find him hiding in a hole in the ground.

Come on, call a spade a spade; he's just a quitter. How does he think he will ever amount to anything with that losing mentality?

Anyway, what is the deal with 'health reasons'?

Helloooo, it is a hunger strike! I'm pretty sure that the point is to make yourself unwell to make a point. Many hunger strikers, the ones we really remember, died as a consequence of their choice to abstain. Its hardly awe-inspiring if you break off part way through because it is making you poorly.

Saddam announced the hunger strike on 14 February. It is not clear whether his seven co-defendants have also abandoned their protest.
I have to wonder whether anyone has told them. If not, they are going to be seriously pissed off with your man next time they see him.

Taha Yassin Ramadan: "Ah, Saddam! Our courage shames these treasonous dogs. Our steadfast refusal to eat the food fit only for the dogs they are will show them what we are made of! Our hunger and suffering will show the world that we stand firm in our defiance of the western invaders and their turncoat puppet in this mockery of justice!"

Saddam Hussein: "Yeah, about that. Look, I've been feeling a little peaky..."

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