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Monday, February 20, 2006

Sometimes you have to laugh...

... to avoid crying.

My colleague recently told me about a delegation of our students who had an important matter that they wished to raise. They were pretty disappointed with one of the policies in the department that directly affected their studies and thought that it was serious enough to warrant raising in the staff-student committee.

Basically they were very unhappy that for four days in the working week they were expected to get up and come to a lecture at 9am. They thought this was unfair and that it should be changed. They were told politely in adiplomatic manner to grow up and stop wasting our time with inconsequential rubbish.

And people wonder why I am a cynic and why I worry that the education system is failing.


Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember back in my college days complaining that I had sooooooooo much to do when I was carrying 15 credit hours on top of basketball. Looking back on that, I realize that I never truly appreciated how easy life was at that point.


Kav said...

Oh God, yeah. I complained like hell, but I would never have actually made a complaint to the university about the work. Even then I realised that I would get little sympathy. Now? I long for those days, but with mor money and better living conditions!