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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tick, tock

Well, it has been a month to the day when I last posted. That is truly pathetic. Mostly I have been busy with work and when I do have time to blog I feel the urge to watch TV or play Halo instead. I guess that means commitment is at a low ebb. Well, who cares, its not as if I am paid to do this :-)

I have been reading some blogs and commenting but not as much as I used to. I think the most I have done has been over at QandO in a couple of the climate change threads. I'm a glutton for punishment where that is concerned as I think it is a major problem and am always amazed at some of the hostility that one faces when suggesting that it even exists, let alone that mankind has had any effect in the process.

Still got lots of photos in reserve to show you folks and lots of opinions to annoy you all with, but just not today. I'm actually impressed that people keep turning up to check this weblog out, we even had a nice link from someone who thought that this site was interesting.

Anyway, back soon.

1 comment:

Averroes said...

You're advanced status on this issue is shown by your use of the term "climate change."

Our government's climate panel just issued a report on directed science which resolved one of the last anomolies which argued against warming, that is, that atmoshperic measurements didn't show much warming.

As for me, it is just interesting. I've always envied the dinosaurs, who lived in a climate muchwarmer than ours, and have been quite bitter that i have had to live in one of the coldest times in earth's history. I just wixsh i could live long enough to see global warming.