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Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh sweet, sweet sport

Had a cracking weekend.

Beautiful weather (considering what the end of August was like) with a great Sunday evening topped off with a lovely round of golf with Em on the local course. Only the second time I have played in 10 years and I am still crap, except for that sweet, sweet feeling as I hit the ball straight and true on those ever-so rare occasions. That afternoon had been good as well with a F1 race to watch.

Of course the sporting highlight happened on Saturday, the day of the first Merseyside Derby of the Season, and what a 3-0 highlight it was. As a Toffee man I was very happy indeed. From the BBC website:

Everton were rightly ecstatic, showing a ruthless edge in front of goal and great organisation in the face of Liverpool's second-half revival to record their biggest derby win for 42 years.
It's all gone quiet over there-ere! It's all gone quiet over there-ere!

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