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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Keeping it gay and light

A rare dip into politics for me here. From Balloon Juice's John Cole a profound comment on the state of society following the recent court ruling in New Jersey:

12 Hours have passed

Since the NJ decision regarding civil unions, and my parents are still married and I can’t marry my cat.


I hope that John forgives me for excerpting his whole post. My only criticism is that surely it is marriage to his turtle that is more likely than to a cat?

Turtles???? Dear God.
You should go and read Balloon Juice if you don't already (yes, I'm talking to you, my readership of 3!). It rarely disappoints.*

*corrected for stupid wording


Cyrus said...

I got here from a link in the Balloon Juice comments, and I have to say, this post confuses me... "It rarely fails to disappoint" — doesn't that mean "it often disappoints?" That's not a good way to encourage traffic.

Kav said...

Thank you, I should pay attention to what I am saying as I type...