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Friday, November 10, 2006

Currently in Norway

I am working up in the arctic at the moment. Lots to do in the next 2+ weeks but nothing will happen unless some bloody packages arrive via DHL. Not impressed at the moment with their local shipping agent; the delivery should have come yesterday but they came out of work hours and when they discovered no one around they left and then called to say they had tried to deliver. If they had called whilst here then someone could have met them within a couple of minutes.

I know the latter for a fact. We arrived yesterday and discovered that they had forgotten to leave our access cards in the lock-box. No one was around but thankfully my colleague remembered that we had a phone number list in our optical hut and so we called the secretary who was able to come and let us in.

What fun!

For those who want more information and are in the know 'wink wink' I will be updating the work campaign blog shortly.

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