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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Scalp one...

Rumsfeld resigns following the Democratic Party success. This is a major thing considering the kind words that Bush said of Both Cheney and Rumsfeld last week.

So much for the wisdom of the Washington Post:

Senior and former officials close to Rumsfeld say he will not be driven out by Democrats throwing their weight around in Congress. He has repeatedly said he would not quit, and defense officials say criticism makes Rumsfeld dig in his heels.

"He's not resigning," said one of those officials. "He's best when he's criticized."

Will this be the only victory of a Democratic House and Senate? Quite possibly. *
Is it significant? Depends who replaces Rumsfeld (Bob Gates).

*though can it be called a victory for the Democratic Congress considering it had little to do with their actions? Some might call it a victory for the electorate

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