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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Global warming ....again...

Jon Henke has another piece up on climate change over at QandO.

I have and will continue to resist the urge to comment over there, its not worth it. My view is that many people accept that climate change is happening, many do not and at this stage it is nigh on impossible to produce any data that goes either way that will convince those that are left arguing.

One thing that really does still bug me is that so many people use the 'weather' strawman. It goes along the lines of:
'If their models could predict what the weather would be like next week, then maybe I would trust them to predict the climate in a few years'

When I encounter this I am never completely sure whether it is dishonest arguing or a lack of understanding of the differences between weather and climate. I tend to go with the latter and give the benefit of the doubt, but it does get tiring explaining it and so from now on if anyone asks my stock answer will be:
Do your own research.

Lets face it there is a big wide web out there; even better there are libraries full of books. Look it up, educate yourself and then rejoin the argument.

Once more for the record I think climate change is occurring; I think there is a solar influence; I think there is a human influence. I think the latter is a big effect. I think we have to come up with solutions to avoid human-endangering catastrophes.

And once again, I hope I am wrong. This is one argument I would love to lose definitively.

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Anonymous said...

I believe in climate change, I just don't think it's anything we've caused, nor do I think it's something we can control either way.